Friday, July 15, 2011

Intrepid Idealists Infer Incorrupt Interruptions

No unkind adventure did take place on that night, though a team of officers of the law did endeavor to deter the don due to a bad misunderstanding, and it is that which has kept me away. But now I update my loyal allies after being updated myself.

'Twas nearing midnight when we went inside the reaches of the trees, keeping a sharp eye out in search of It or Its Hollowed. I knew the location of the tree I was going towards, but I took a long winding route through the woods, waiting to be ambushed by some unpleasant power. None came, though Rocinante growled quite a couple times. Luckily I had alcohol to calm my nerves, and calm them it did.

When we reached the tree - or, should I say, when we reached the spot where the tree used to be, there was an immediate sense of sadness and incurable corruption. Not something very strong, no, but enough to be detected by both the don and his docile darling dog. The thing we wished to locate was underground, it would appear. In but moments we had dug it out; we've gotten good at digging. There it was; a shard of the shell of some long-abandoned egg. In that moment I remembered, and had a sudden experience akin to that of awakening after a long, restless rest.

Unfortunately it would seem that, though the signs were apparent, the don didn't realize he was trespassing, and a guard quickly chased him away. So now Rocinante and I ride upon rocky roads to our next destination, trying to remember, trying to locate the long-lost life I led.


  1. shard of the shell of some long-abandoned egg?

  2. Oh, not of a dead bird, but of one that long ago left its loft in the trees...yes, a bit of eggshell.