Monday, October 3, 2011

Perilous Proxies Preach Pixellated Potions

In short, we located this girl and went with her to battle these men to save this boy.

But the entire story...well, it's a bit longer than that.

It was easy to discover where Candle was hiding. It was easy to get into the motel room, and it was easy to convince Trinity to trust us. But it was hard to point my weapon at the traitor to humanity, and it was harder to walk away. I vowed once to be ruthless. To dispose of Its servants whenever possible. But I suppose it just wasn't, today.

Candle tells the truth, or close enough to it. I believe he got some of Rocinante's Latin wrong, and perhaps he was a little unfair in his description of me, but I can't blame him. And he makes jokes, anyway - just a defense mechanism - they do not harm me. Sticks and stones. In any case I could not knowingly kill Candle when it would mean Trinity's death, a near-certainty at the hands of the monstrous Kobold. That would be - would be as unforgivable as giving up, another of my many vows. But when I walked away, I did so without looking back, or I might not have been able to resist.

I don't have a driver's license in any state; at least not one anyone's decided to tell me about. But I'm a competent enough chauffeur, though I hesitate to use the word. Rocinante rode in rear of the pick-up, with Trinity and Timothy by her side, catching up on their rather eventful past couple of weeks and asking my long-time companion questions when they thought of them, though she could not usually answer. I sat alone in the cab.

We stopped once on the way home, to buy ice cream. I decided to spend my dwindling reserves on the children - after all, they needed something comforting after all they'd been through. Trinity had a vanilla shake, Timothy a king-size Butterfinger; and I had nothing, and Rocinante had nothing, as we're used to hunger.

We were able to arrive at the Mansion without difficulty. As the children had others to take care of them, I did not plan to stay long, but the keeper of their home - Mystery - insisted we stay some nights.

Well, it can't hurt.

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