Monday, June 20, 2011

Cute, Curious Cats Can't Cease

The Star seems sad and strained, so the daring and dashing don doesn't deem it smart to stay still! No; he removes his reservations, loosens his noose, and rushes to her rescue, riding Rocinante as rapidly as a rabid rabbit.

The don divines that he will dismount in but two days. Until then, thine thoughts should travel truly to the lovely lady, the damsel in distress.


  1. I apologize; my mind is muddled from the brave battle I bestowed upon Cheshire. By this inquiry, what do you intend to ask?

  2. I see, judging your answer I can see you dont serve firmly my Lord.

    So then I should ask; Do you serve the Blasphemer, the Tall Monster?

  3. Ah, I understand ahora. No, never, not! The don does despise It with all his disposition. In actuality, I enjoy pronouncing prayers to your Potentate, though I don't desperately dog Him.