Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garish Gentleman Gallop Gallantly, Giddily

Rest reassured - she shouldn't suffer more. No, not, never - in truth, the scream slipped by my senses sneakily. It didn't dwell indeed, no; it wasn't an actual, authentic aural attack! It was a remnant of my remembered reality, an imagined echo with explosive accuracy. Which reminds the don - there are some things I've disremembered, but something speaks swiftly to me that there are things I've thought to leave behind, big bad winking whispers and warnings of my lost thoughts! So the don does design a disposition with which to win my way through the trials and tribulations ahead. He shall still save suffering allies, but only on the avenue of mine own adventure - to recover my non-remembered recollections!

And so it is with heavy heart and huge hope that the don discards his instrument of inhibitions and voyages on the vessel of verisimilitude! The don does deem it dead on to disembark primarily in the primary place of records.

If only he understood quite where that was...

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  1. Perhaps I'm a bit late to the party, but I just realized: you skipped the letter F.